Hi everyone, My name is Kashish Mahendru. I’m a digital marketing student. Welcome to this page; here, I am going to share about myself, my likes and dislikes and what influenced me to create this website.

I’m a skincare and haircare enthusiast. In my teenage I faced a lot skin problems like: Acne, breakouts, oily skin, etc. Moreover, after being infected by coronavirus I experienced a lot of hair fall. 

All these reasons made me try different ways which could help me improve my skin and hair. Moreover, from childhood I always liked to look pretty and maintain hygiene. Therefore, my love for skincare, haircare and maintaining hygiene pushed me to create this website.

We all know, no matter who we are: a teenager or an adult; we all go out, work, meet people and sometimes it is a hard day for us. In all this chaos we often forget to take care of ourselves. Thus, this website is created in such a way that it has all the easy tips and tricks about enhancement of our skin and hair.

I have a firm belief in the fact that if we love ourselves then only we can love the people around us. And for loving ourselves it is important that we take care of ourselves, our needs and our health.

Therefore, this website is a small initiative by a girl who wants to help people to love and pamper themselves so that they could feel good about themselves.

Here, I will post blogs regularly regarding different tips and tricks that are budget-friendly and you can follow.

So people, forget about your worries and think about yourself. Let your skin and hair also know how much you love them.